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Maxime Pasquier and Henri Barbe, both graduates of ESCP Business School, have created "WorkinRracing", the first international recruitment platform in the world of racing, trotting and galloping. Since the beginning of January, it has been possible to post an advert free of charge and to apply, whether you are in France or abroad.

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Maxime Pasquier, co-founder of WorkinRacing, is originally from Saint-Mandé in France. Curious and attracted by horses from a young age, he rode horses for 8 years in classical riding, he regularly went to races from the age of 16 and became passionate about this sport.

He studied business at EDHEC and then at ESCP in Berlin. During his master years, Maxime has a student job at the GTHP and helps the vets in the post-race controls. He also took the opportunity to participate in several events of the Aux Courses les Jeunes association where he met Henri.

Maxime has been working in Germany for 4 years in the field of entrepreneurship. He worked as a scout and analyst for European investment funds, and for the last year and a half he has been working as a Venture Builder at Founderslane, where he creates start-ups for large multinationals.

In early 2023, he participated in the launch of WorkinRacing together with Henri Barbe.


Henri Barbe, co-founder of WorkinRacing, is originally from Chantilly, France. Having grown up with both his parents in the horse racing industry, the sport naturally became a passion for him.

He joined ESCP Business School after a preparatory class for the grandes écoles in September 2018. During his first year at the school, he took part in the Championnat des Grandes Ecoles, a sporting challenge reserved for students and young graduates organised by the Club des Gentlemen-Riders et des Cavalières jointly with France Galop. Following this experience, he obtained a gentleman-rider licence (amateur jockey) and joined the Club.

As part of the gap year of his Master in Management, he did a first internship as a financial auditor at Deloitte and then an internship as a fundraising and M&A consultant at AltRaise.

In early 2023, he participated in the launch of WorkinRacing together with Maxime Pasquier.


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