How to work in racing in the UK?

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  • Published on January 19, 2023


For citizens of the Common Travel Area (UK, Ireland, Bailiwick of Jersey, Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Isle of Man) 🆓

If you are a British or Irish citizen, you can work in either country, including on a self-employed basis, without needing any permission from the authorities thanks to the free movement of people within the Common Travel Area.

For all other citizens 🌎

A visa or work permit is mandatory to work in the United Kingdom which could be costly depending on the visa but sponsorship may be possible by recruiters.

For citizens of the Commonwealth or British overseas with one grandparent born in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man ✈️

You can apply for the UK Ancestry Visa if you meet the other eligibility criteria. There are 56 independent countries in the Commonwealth in which 2.5 billion people live.

For citizens not meeting the criteria mentioned above 

Check what type of UK visa you need by answering the following survey. If you are applying for a Skilled Worker Visa, the occupation code linked for Horse Racing is 6139 “ANIMAL CARE SERVICES OCCUPATION N.E.C.”.

Tips for recruiters: find more information to recruit people from outside the UK here. If you have a fast-growing company (over 20% boost in revenue over the last three years with at least 10 employees at the start of the 3-year period), the Scale-Up Visa may be an option to recruit talents outside the UK.


WorkinRacing is the first international recruitment platform for the horse racing industry.

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Feel free to add more filters in job type (full-time, part-time, etc.) and more precision on the localisation where to work then apply !


Employers may offer accommodation in some cases which is a major advantage before moving to the UK so read carefully the description in the job offers. 🏠

There are various ways of finding new accommodation thanks to specialist websites. These sites list the accommodation available on the market. Searches can be performed based on certain criteria (location, apartment size, rental price, number of bedrooms, etc.). The most popular websites are:

Find more information about housing on the UK Government website.


The National Health Service (“NHS”) is a residence-based system, meaning that anyone living in the UK legally and on a permanent basis has access to NHS services and funding. Regardless of their immigration status, though, all foreigners in the UK are entitled to free emergency treatment at NHS hospitals. The emergency phone number is 999.

For citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland 

If you are an EU or Swiss frontier worker (someone who lives in an EU country or Switzerland and works in the UK), you can access NHS healthcare if you are eligible for an S1 form or EHIC issued by your home country.

If you are an EU, Swiss or Norwegian posted worker (someone employed or self-employed in an EU country or Norway but temporarily sent to work in the UK), you can access healthcare in England if you either:

  • are eligible for an S1 form or EHIC issued by your home country
  • hold a valid Norwegian passport

For all other citizens ✈️

Employers in the UK are not obligated by law to provide medical insurance to their employees. While some employers might make contributions towards private healthcare, in most cases, expats will need to pay for their own health insurance. With the range of health insurance products on offer it is best to do a fair amount of research and comparison in order to find the best policy to suit each individual’s healthcare needs.

Find more information about healthcare on the UK Government website.


Horse racing is the second largest spectator sport in Great Britain, and one of the longest established, with a history dating back many centuries. Find out more about all you need to know before moving to the United Kingdom on the Government website (opening a bank account, taxes, healthcare services, etc.).

The British Horse Racing Authority (known as the “BHA”) regulates flat & jump racing. It is also home to prestigious racecourses including Newmarket, Ascot and Cheltenham and races including The Derby at Epsom, The Grand National and Cheltenham Gold Cup. Betting in horse racing is big with loads of different bookmakers and the biggest newspaper is the Racing Post. There are also a few TV Channel broadcasting horse racing on a day-to-day basis including At the Races and Racing TV. The British Racing School is located in Newmarket and provides courses for both youth and adults. 🏇🏼